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My first sight of Xerokambos was in the summer of 2007, travelling by car on the then dirt road from Zacros. Turning the corner , catching a glimpse of the Libyan sea, I was blown away by the breath taking beauty of area. I was instantly in love. I could not believe Xerokambos had remained undiscovered. It was a paradise that reminded me at once of both the tropical Caribbean, and desert landscape of Arizona. Seven years have now past and the dirt road has been replaced with a smooth asphalt road that winds down from Zacros, along the length of Xerokambos , winding up in a circular manner to Ziros, providing sheer beautiful vistas for mile upon mile. The area is now more accessible but the flora, fauna and beauty of the area is protected. There are now places to eat and drink to make a stay in Xerokambos possible and comfortable.

Throughout the year Xerokambos has something to offer everyone. At Xerokambos you can experience clean air, kilometres of golden and white sand beaches, turquoise and deep blue seas, mountains, gorges, rock formations and archaeological sites. Pitch black skies studded with the brightest stars, beautiful pink sunsets, birds of prey, sand dunes, sand lilies and sea turtles. It is tuelly a natural paradise where you will feel a connection with nature. You will be able to swim in safe seas, walk gorges, cycle, relax and forget. -Savvas-

Ammothines Villas

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Ammothines Villas are situated in Xerokambos located in an untouched region, 48 km from Sitia, 10 km from Zakros and 28 km from Palekastro. Mountains, olive groves and magnificent isolated beaches make up the breathtaking scenery.

Xerokambos boasts probably the finest beaches in the area and is ideal for those seeking peace, quiet and relaxation. Public transport stops in Zakros, therefore anyone wanting to explore the area would need to hire a car.

There is a small temporary lagoon (dry from the end of May). In March and April tavernas are not necessarily open. You can see Koufonisi island at the right side of the background in this photo.

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