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Look for the best Crete holiday deals and spend a vacation in this wonderful place. This place is definitely an ideal destination for anyone looking for a great getaway. You will surely enjoy visiting the various places in this beautiful island in Greece. Make sure to visit palaikastro and its surroundings during your stay here. This is a place that you shouldn΄t miss when you go here for a holiday. Below, you will find a short write-up about this fantastic place.

Itanos (Ermoupoli)

itanos1 It consits if three small picturesque beaches. The ruins of the ancient city of Itanos can be found here, part of which is sunk in the sea. It is a lee area, 9 km from Palaikastro.


vai A palm forest unique to Europe and situated only 1 km south of Itanos, in a valley that ends in a breathtaking sandy beach. Every year the beach of Vai is awarded with the "Blue Flag" confirming that it is one of the most well organised and clean beaches of Greece. It offers a variety of water sports, restaurants, cafes etc.


maridati A small scenic beach with a restaurant. Here you may relax and admire the sea view.


kouremenos A long sandy beach near Palaikastro (1,5 km). The sea is ideal for windsurfing and one of the best in Europe. Along the beach, there are apartments to rent, restaurants and a small fishing harbour.


hiona An ideal beach for the whole family. Is is situated only 1,5 km from Palaikastro, at close proximity to the small village of Agathias. There are three restaurants serving fresh fish by the beach. You may visit the archaeological site still under excavation by British archaeologists. According to them, there are strong evidence for the existance of a Minoan Palace.

Kato Zakros

katozakros The European Path E4 goes past Pano Zakros known for its beautiful springs and the remarkable "Gorge of Dead" and winds its way to the valley of Kato Zakros where King Minoas built one of his palaces four thousand years ago. Not only will you enjoy the sea and the local cuisine in the restaurants by the beach, but you will definetely appreciate a quite stay in the accomodation provided.

Xerokampos (Katsounaki)

xerokampos "Katsounaki" is a sandy beach near the many beautiful beaches of Xerokampos which is 9 km from Zakros and situated in the municipality of Lefki. It offers a variety of restaurants and apartments to rent.

Karoumes beach

karoumes Reaching the village of Chochlakies, walk on the indicated path that leads to the entrance on the gorge and the beach. It will take you one hour, the path is practicable all the way along, and you will arrive to a lovely beach perfect for swimming and for fishing.