Crete is the southernmost tip of Europe, an ideal place for holidays and relaxation. Crete gives you experiences that stay permanently imprinted in your memory. Whether it is the well-known Cretan hospitality, or the alternation of the landscape from sandy beaches to low mountains and up high mountains with peaks over 2,450 meters, or the variety of relaxing or sporting activities, or historic monuments fundamental for the countries of Western civilization.


Here can someone lives the whole year long.Climate in Crete is mild, fairly hot in the summer, but because of the insular nature always rich and almost always blows a refreshing wind.

The eastern Crete is ideal for trips to the mountains - on foot or by jeep - and is the ideal starting point for activities of all kinds.Culture enthusiasts and nature lovers will discover a lot about the island. With a length of 260 km and a maximum width of 60 km Crete offers many landscape variations.