Agathias is located in a quiet area at the eastern end of Crete known for its beautiful sandy beaches.

In the village you can enjoy the peace and quietness. It is surrounded by low hills. The most beautiful thing here among other are the beautiful and pristine beaches. In Hiona and Kouremenos there are many small and large beaches with crystal clear waters. You will also find many secluded coves. Particularly quiet, even during the summer, it is the 2 km long beach of Kouremenos. It is suitable for barefoot walks in the sand and the one of the best spots in Europe for wind-surfing.In the beach also operate two windsurfing schools .

The hostel is ideally located so that you can fully enjoy the sunrise. In this oasis of calmness, the sun and the sea make you feel an immense relaxation.


There are various shops in the town where you can get the necessary .. The distance from the airport of Heraklion is 151 km and 18km from the airport of Sitia.