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Life style & Cultural Activities

cultural1 The Municipality of Itanos is the smallest in the County of Lasithi. It has about 2500 inhabitants. Nature gave to this small area so many beauties that it is the most favored in all of Crete. No where else, is there a collection of so many archeological wonders that show the rich history this area wrote. Tall Mountains, canyons, caves, beautiful dreamy beaches are the evidence that make this most easterly county of Crete so special. Special also, are the people that still keep alive the customs and the traditional way of life.

In the summer, the locals are working with their animals, fishing, farming and tourism. From their nature, they are a happy people. They know how to enjoy life and have fun, with music and dance. Keeping alive the traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation.

During the summer they organize fiestas and celebrations with traditional live music and local foods. Everyone, is invited to attend. You will have a chance to actively participate and learn Cretan dances. The locals are always eager to share in their fun and will always offer lessons to those who are willing to take part. During your stay in Palaikastro dont forget to visit our folklore musem, an authentic Cretan house, with it΄s traditional furniture and everyday household items

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The folklore museum of Palaikastro

museum1 For someone who desires to meet a population and live the experience of its culture, the present is not enough. The knowledge of yesterday΄s life plays a determinant role. That΄s the result of our creation of the traditional Cretan house that is part of our Cultural Museum.The founding of musum began in1987 from the Cultural Unions of Palekatro "Elia and Itanos" with the support of the Monastery of Toplou and the local government.The museum exhibits common items and tools that would have been in use by the generations of people from the times of the Turkish Occupation up until 1960.
Today΄s visitors can get a complete picture of an authentic Cretan house, with it΄s traditional furniture and everyday household items. As well as, rare kinds of Cretan popular art.

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