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Wind-surfing in Palaikastro

Palaikastro in the last few years has become the center for Wind surfing at the beach of Kouremenos. With the Meltemies often blowing, the naturally clean beach and surrounding waters make the Beach of Palaikastro one of the most popular beach in Greece.

surf1 Add a touch of adventure to your Greek holidays by trying out wind surfing at beautiful Kouremenos beach. Locals and tourists alike can be seen enjoying windsurfing off the clear waters of Kouremenos beach with tourist arrivals peaking during the months of August and July when the Meltemi winds blow quite strongly, perfect conditions to enjoy windsurfing in Palaikastro. If you love the thrill of adventure and you΄d like to make your stay in Greece memorable then you should definitely try windsurfing here.

Palaikastro is one of the few places in Greece for the passionate lovers of wind surfing to enjoy the Meltemi especially through the months of July and August that the wind blows strongly in the area.